What is Liquid Metal Coating?

Liquid metal coatings are genuine metal coatings made utilizing a sprayable innovation at encompassing temperatures. Utilizing this innovation, metal is covered onto a substrate in a meager layer, giving it the look and feel of genuine metal yet it is only 2mm in thickness. Moreover, this 100 percent green innovation has made metal appropriate on level, bended and 3D surfaces. The coatings can be textured as these are sprayable coatings. Accordingly, you can play with different metals and make interesting finished plans. Think of any metal coatings and Britania Engineering is at your service in Dubai

Liquid Metal Coating Sample

How can we apply liquid metal coating?

You can apply liquid metal coatings to any substrate. They bond with the substrate to make a slim layer of metal on the top. You can consider it metal facade. So rather than utilizing a 6mm metal sheet, you are presently utilizing a base substrate of 4mm with a 2mm fluid metal covering on to it.

One can apply fluid metal completions to wood, MDF, ACP, tempered steel, WPC, OSD, fiber, texture, cowhide, glass, concrete and so on. The key is involving the right item as we fabricate every item utilizing exclusive fixings and hence bound to give different elegant results. We at Britania Engineering Dubai utilize a water-based innovation that has no unstable natural mixtures. Hence, our textures are supportable, non-toxic and scent free.

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